Claire Coventry

Claire Fishing

Claire Fishing

It is not hard to imagine what kind of a person would compel others to start a charity on their passing. The sad truth is that the world is now short of one special person who always wanted to make a difference. It didn’t really matter to whom, whether it was fundraising or volunteering at the local school as a reading partner, Claire Coventry lived her life with others in mind.

Tragically, Claire suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage, caused by a burst aneurysm, and subsequently passed away on 13th December 2007. Such was the outpouring of grief, that Claire’s family and friends sought a positive outlook, just as Claire would have done……and ‘Claires Project’ was created.

Claires Project aims to keep alive Claire Coventry’s legacy of laughter as the best medicine. She always managed to light up the room with an electric smile and the most positive attitude no matter what the circumstances.

In life and in death Claire continues to be an inspiration to us all, She motivates us to get involved and invokes self belief. Most importantly her spirit lives on in our hearts and achievements as we continue to share her smile.