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Posted on: 27th July 2011    Categories: News

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In 2010, Claire’s Project was approached by a charity called Cerebra – a charity for children with neurological problems – to ask if we could provide funding for one of their projects.  The Trustees decided that, because of her love of children, Claire would want to help in a specific way and we donated £3,000 to the Cerebra Innovation Centre (CIC). CIC used our funds to buy a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) computer to allow them to design a sledge for a child with a neurological condition. The child’s mother approached Cerebra having struggled with her pushchair during the heavy snowfall.

The response to this first sledge has been immense. Requests have come in from 80 more families wanting a sledge for Winter 2011.

Claire’s Project – Cerebra Newsletter


  1. Caelyn Aug 26, 2011

    Full of salient points. Don’t stop believing or writing!

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    Saved, I enjoy your blog! :)

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